The Next Big Thing I’ve Come Across

Through all my traveling in Asia, I met so many people who had very little. A family who lived in a 20’x20’ home, a couple who relied on a constantly-burning fire as their source of both heat and conversation, and many construction workers who lived at their worksites in makeshift tents. A common link between […]

Rat Hunting in the Laotian Jungle

The following is an account of perhaps one of my most incredible escapades. While it’s an entertaining story, what I most want to share with you are the lessons I learned from this experience. So click here if you want to skip directly to those lessons, but I encourage you to read the whole story […]

No Such Thing as Coincidence

My time in Vietnam was incredible and I created some unforgettable memories with amazing people. But I was surrounded by too much noise for too long. So I decided to travel to Laos in search of rest, relaxation, and adventure in nature. It only took about 6 hours for Laos to deliver exactly that. My […]

A Truly Local Experience in Vietnam

When I told people I was traveling to Vietnam, many responses I got were along the lines of “be careful.” Which I came to mean as, “that country seems unsafe, so be careful and don’t get robbed or worse.” Sadly, I did not get the same reaction when I told people I was backpacking through […]

Who’s Really Teaching Who?

To all the teachers reading this, I have two things to say: First of all, thank you. For everything. After teaching English for a month in Vietnam, I have truly come to appreciate how exhausting teaching is. I come home after a long day of energetic teaching and just want to lock myself in my room […]

A Crash Course to Driving in Vietnam

I’m not an aggressive driver. And I’ve never been a big fan of drivers who recklessly cut you off and honk their horns for little reason. Before getting to Vietnam, I maybe honked my horn at 3 people in my life. But driving in Vietnam has forced me to adapt. Traffic in Vietnam is, put […]

The Scariest Cab Ride I’ve Ever Taken

My first night in Vietnam was…interesting to say the least. I flew from Osaka, Japan to arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam around 1am. From there, I went through immigration with relative ease. As I sat waiting for the employees to approve my visa application, I befriended a young German couple staying in Hanoi. Since it was 2:30 […]

Living in the Moment

As my time in Japan comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on my experience here. I’ve met so many incredible people, seen some great sights, eaten DELICIOUS food, and learned a thing or two along the way. But long term travel isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I do get homesick, and I often find […]