No Such Thing as Coincidence

My time in Vietnam was incredible and I created some unforgettable memories with amazing people. But I was surrounded by too much noise for too long. So I decided to travel to Laos in search of rest, relaxation, and adventure in nature. It only took about 6 hours for Laos to deliver exactly that. My […]

A Truly Local Experience in Vietnam

When I told people I was traveling to Vietnam, many responses I got were along the lines of “be careful.” Which I came to mean as, “that country seems unsafe, so be careful and don’t get robbed or worse.” Sadly, I did not get the same reaction when I told people I was backpacking through […]

Who’s Really Teaching Who?

To all the teachers reading this, I have two things to say: First of all, thank you. For everything. After teaching English for a month in Vietnam, I have truly come to appreciate how exhausting teaching is. I come home after a long day of energetic teaching and just want to lock myself in my room […]

A Crash Course to Driving in Vietnam

I’m not an aggressive driver. And I’ve never been a big fan of drivers who recklessly cut you off and honk their horns for little reason. Before getting to Vietnam, I maybe honked my horn at 3 people in my life. But driving in Vietnam has forced me to adapt. Traffic in Vietnam is, put […]

The Scariest Cab Ride I’ve Ever Taken

My first night in Vietnam was…interesting to say the least. I flew from Osaka, Japan to arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam around 1am. From there, I went through immigration with relative ease. As I sat waiting for the employees to approve my visa application, I befriended a young German couple staying in Hanoi. Since it was 2:30 […]

Living in the Moment

As my time in Japan comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on my experience here. I’ve met so many incredible people, seen some great sights, eaten DELICIOUS food, and learned a thing or two along the way. But long term travel isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I do get homesick, and I often find […]

My First Tattoo! (Art Exhibition)

So the title may be misleading; I didn’t actually get a tattoo. But rather… I went to an art exhibit displaying the work of famed artist, Yousuke Akimitsu. He is known for being one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world! Multiple artists from New York even showed up to get a look […]