Hi There!

My name is Tom Kruse. No relation to the actor, although some people say I’m better looking…


I graduated from Indiana University in May of 2017 with a degree in Marketing and Professional Sales. A big part of my life was being a Resident Assistant in Teter for two years. This experience helped me cultivate a deep interest in others. I studied for four years in The Kelley School of Business. Kelley helped prepare me for the corporate world, but I realized that corporate didn’t feel right for me. So, I decided to save up some money and travel the world!


I’ve done a lot of research on how to travel cheaply, and I would be happy to share that with you. While one of my passions is traveling and seeing beautiful sites, the other thing that spurs me on is PEOPLE. I love talking with others and hearing their stories. Because, no matter who you are, you have something cool to talk about. Therefore, I seek to share those stories with you as I travel the world.


In sharing, I hope to make the world a smaller place. To prove to others that we are not so different, to encourage acceptance, and to fight ignorance. Please join me on my journey as I travel the globe, and lets meander together!