The Next Big Thing I’ve Come Across

Through all my traveling in Asia, I met so many people who had very little. A family who lived in a 20’x20’ home, a couple who relied on a constantly-burning fire as their source of both heat and conversation, and many construction workers who lived at their worksites in makeshift tents.


A common link between all these people is a noticeable lack of “stuff.” In the US, we face a situation almost completely reversed. One out of ten American families have too many belongings to fit in their homes. They must either rent a storage unit or get rid of those possessions which are often priceless, meaningful, and nostalgic. As a result, we find that one in ten American families use self-storage.


Not saying that this situation is better or worse than that in other parts of the world, it’s just different. But self-storage facilities take up a lot of usable land that could otherwise be repurposed for better use. Which leads me to wonder, if 10 percent of families don’t have enough space, then what about the other 90 percent? Do many of these people have a surplus of space that is going unused? And could we somehow connect them with those who need to store their belongings?


Well, Win-Kel is a company that does exactly this. They create more efficient use of the limited space in America by connecting people who need to store stuff (renters) with others who have too much space (hosts). In capitalizing on the growing trend of the sharing economy, this application makes both renters and hosts happy through the sharing of a mutual resource: space.


Why renters are happy with Win-Kel

  • Cost – it’s 50% cheaper than traditional self-storage
  • Flexibility – renters can rent out and pay for only what they need, rather than pay for a storage shed that they won’t fill completely
  • Time Frame – not locked in to monthly contracts. Renters pay per day rented

Why hosts are happy with Win-Kel

  • New Income Source – hosts earn passive income by renting out their space (up to $1000 per month)
  • Space Utilization – put idle space to productive use by storing belongings
  • Magnanimity – helping others in need of a better alternative for storing their belongings

This company has been quickly gaining traction in the storage community and generating buzz in the business world. It started out at Indiana University, and secured early funding through winning multiple business competitions. After undergoing rapid growth through an incubator program, Win-Kel earned a Google partnership as a handpicked promising startup organization.


Win-Kel will participate in “the best technology conference on the planet (Forbes)" from April 30-May 3 in New Orleans. Collision Conference 2018 serves as an opportunity for Win-Kel to secure further funding for growth.


I feel obligated to say that they are not sponsoring or paying me for writing this article. I’m just thrilled to support this exciting startup company in their aspirations to help provide Storage for Everyone.


If you have space in an extra closet, room, basement, garage, or under the kitchen sink, then you might serve to benefit from Win-Kel. And if you need a place to store your possessions, then you can save money on storage by renting with Win-Kel.

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